How we got started

Double-heart audio co-owner, John Paul, in the repair and design studio.

Double Heart Audio is based in Austin, TX.

John Paul has played music in Austin and worked in pro-audio since 2002. He and Brad met while working at Wunder Audio. He later worked for Avenson Audio, Death by Audio (NYC), and is currently working as lead repair technician at Switched On.

Brad started at KVRX in 1998 and has owned and operated Avenson Audio since 2001. He is also a design engineer at Silicon Audio.

The pair started Double Heart Audio in 2020. They plan to continue to offer useful, quality, music-related electronics products until they decide to do something else.

Alexis is a UX designer and web developer with a passion for music. She built and maintains the <3<3 website.

The name Double Heart is inspired by a great 7-inch by Robert Rental.